Friday, July 31, 2009

Jason --Even the Seattle Times Says You're a Hero

take ten minutes to read this if you want.
Army missteps left troops in Afghanistan open to deadly attack, study reveals
its a good article.
i love how it paints jason as the hero.
i guess in a lot of ways he was.
one part explains how "insurgents" dragged his body from the area
but a lot of the soldiers that were there said they're pretty sure he jumped out all rambo style.

i had a dream about him last night. we were under siege in a house and we jumped in a car to get away. and then it repeated and we had control over it and we were doing different things but different outcomes were happening. we had the power to learn from the past but once we made a new decision it changed the course of events and our power was then useless.

my mom, dad, sister, aunt and uncle and jason all jumped in a car to escape. he just seemed so chill about the whole thing like he was just silently watching all of us smiling and enjoying the ride. woke up to this article in my inbox.
CBS called my mom, they want to fly her out to DC to do a special news bit with her.

so many emotions here.
thanks for listening.
times like these i don't know what to do with this stuff.

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