Friday, July 24, 2009

More Evidence of a Corrupt Military Operation

The Battle of Wanat was evidence of a larger major counterinsurgence failure...not sure how to feel about that. Angry. Sad. Confused. Definitely not suprised. Foreign Policy Magazine's recent report pffers some sober details:

I flew out to Seattle to spend some time with family on July 13th. It sucked. I loved seeing everyone but it was really freaking intensely painful. So depressing it reverberated out into my life for the past few weeks. I am torn now between two paths where I want to honor Jason's courage and bravery and let sleeping dogs lie and the other path of wanting to hold people accountable for their dumb decisions. The thought that these guys shouldn't have died is...such a hard one to deal with. Because reality argues otherwise. Reality argues that they should have died, because they are dead. So arguing with that creates a massive hell storm in my life. However reality does not prove that I should not be investigating and raising a fuss about what happened. Reality does not dictate if the senior military officials who made these STUPID decision should continue to make more stupid decisions. And if I can do anything to change the course of the future and make sure these stupid decisions don't happen again, then I should probably call Senator Webb's office today. In the meantime, how do I go on with the confusion between respecting reality and working to influence the outcome of the future. A strange mix.

And in addition to all this, my little nephew Isaac Jason Martindale is the joy of our lives. Here's video of him from earlier this month that I made:

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