Friday, July 24, 2009

Vive El Burro!

This is for Emin and Adnan who are currently in jail in Azerbaijan for getting beat up. That's right. First they practiced their freedom of speech, then they got beat up for it. Then they got arrested for getting beat up.
Bu Azerbaycandir. (That's Azerbaijan for ya.)

Here's the story:
Emin and Adnan. They're two activists from Azerbaijan that were arrested a few weeks back and there is a big activist push going on online. One feature is a website that posts support videos with people saying, "we support you guys, az gov't let 'em go."
That's what we did up there.

For more details, here is an article about the guys that Global Voices Online superstar blogger Onnik Krikorian wrote.

Oh and best of all:
Here's the video that got them arrested, hence Justin's ironic comment, "Vive El Burro."

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