Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Moroccan Ride

I've been busy catching up. I did want to share a few stories from Morocco.
Maybe I'll just share my favorite. Its called: "The little effeminate performance artist that rightfully stole $12 from me."
This was at the Djeema Al Fna, the crazy cirque square in Marrakesh where you can find snake charmers, monkeys, bands, palm readers, henna ladies, fresh squeezed OJ, snails. Oh. What a place. This was our last stop in Morocoo and we stopped by a large crowd of people where a thin little man with dark leathery skin was popping his hips from left to right as the crowd cheered. Apparently dancing like a woman when you're a man is a freak show in Marrakesh. Up there with snakes and monkeys.
Anyways, I loved it. A little Moroccan man nearly nude dancing around. I was watching him smiling and he sidled up to me asking for money. The crowd turned and starred. Being a rich American who had just returned from the ATM all I had was 100 dirhams. He said, "I have change" (in English.) So I fished around in my pocket and dug out 100. Little did I know when I handed him the bill a) I'd never see it again b) I was the main attraction fo the night. Step right up, ladies and gentleman! Come see the stupid American who thinks she's getting her change back.
After the crowd broke out into applause, the little dancing man ran around in delight and I realized I was never seeing my "change," we all settled down for him to crawl under my legs and take a few pictures. That was one of the last exciting adventures in Morocco. Come to think of it, every other exciting adventure story also has a getting wripped off theme. Like the time we got a great deal on a hotel recommended in the Lonely Planet and the employees broke into our room and stole our camera. Or what about the time we stopped on the side of the road to take pictures of the goats that live in trees only to realize the shepherd was hand placing the goats in the trees himself. The stories go on and on, just like the hills of the Sahara. Glad to be home. Had quite the trip.