Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Self Healing Adventure

So, its been months since I've been blogging.
Took a trip to the west coast, moved out of one apartment and into a new condo.
Dan keeps calling me homeowner. "How's it going, homeowner?" That's me. A big homeowner.
One of the nasty side effects of this whole prestigious homeowner process has been living between two houses for months. We've finally got our kitchen nearly all moved in and I'm ready to start cooking for myself again!
I found a book, "The Self Healing Cookbook" on a display of bread the other night at WholeFoods and just whimsically bought it. I'm down to the last few hundred dollars in my bank account, but nevertheless I bought it.
Read the first chapter last night and I'm excited to get started. Dan has agreed to put up with dinner in a self healing style as long as when he gets to work he can order bacon egg sandwiches and diet coke all day long. I agreed.
So in the spirit of Julie and Julia and all you vegans out there, off I go.
A self healing journey.
No coffee this morning.
Black tea and soy milk in replacement of creamer.
Had a few coffee cravings this morning but got my caffeine fix so it wasn't so bad. Just the smell. Of fresh roasted folger. KSsshhhh...
The best part of waking up is....
For lunch I had black bean soup. It was spicy. And good.
I had to eat an hour early though cause I was hungry. I think coffee usually suppresses my appetite.
I've stocked my fridge with greens, grains, miso paste and seaweed. (These are foundational elements to the healing)
Let it begin.

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