Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Jason

Twenty nine years ago my younger brother Jason was born. I spoke with my mom tonight on the phone about this and that. Half way through the conversation I said, "Today is Jason's birthday" and she responded, "I know." A calm sad silence took over the line and we launched back in to our weekly conversation. What else can be said?

I bet he would have been a very good looking twenty nine year old man. Maybe he would have grown his hair out and gotten a beard. Maybe he would be in school for documentary filmmaking and would have met a sweet girl in one of his classes. Maybe he would have melted her heart and fallen in love with her. Maybe we would be on Skype chat right now and I'd be teasing him about his beard. That's something I'd like to think may have been.

Happy Birthday Jason, whereever you are. Know that we are thinking of you today and missing on you.