Sunday, April 7, 2013

Listening and letting go

I've been listening to a good deal of Dharma talks lately among the study of clown and continue to be in awe of the connections between my spiritual journey and my journey as a clown. The parallels are countless really. They are arguably one and the same path. Two teachings that I find in both of these worlds are the teachings of "letting go" and the teachings of "listening". 

At first analysis, these two teachings seem to be in contradiction. How does one listen deeply while at the same time constantly let go of that which is incoming? The reconciliation seems to be when I see myself as a receiver, which was a thing Ronlin asked us to do last week. It requires a deep letting go of the idea that the mind has any deep analysis role to play. A receiver listens and brings in the data and then immediately, with no ego or analysis, lets it go. This process of constant streaming is the state of mind for a clown as well as for a human being living a life of peace. 

Listening and letting go, and listening and letting go, until we get to a point where the channel is a perpetual stream. The more release, the more energy to receive. 

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