Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Wheels Falling Off

I have been working relentlessly for nearly two weeks with two of my favorite people to work with and it has been one of the most difficult artistic processes of my life. Maybe we want it too bad, maybe we are lost in the genre, maybe we are just too tired after a year long of theatre. But we've hit this wall. After working HARD to create a piece of theatre of three clowns in a jail cell, we have scrapped it. We are going to try a new proposal tomorrow and I am really doing my best to stay buoyant through this. We have one week to create a piece of theater. I have four good friends, my mother and her boyfriend (whom I have never met) all coming into town to see the show and I'm just...completely...blotto lost...about how to move forward.

What is the image that drives Pepper? What motivates her? I have lost touch with this charming character who makes so much fun, who is so honest, and so bold. I have literally and figuratively imprisoned her. And now, we start the bold act of climbing out of this. One gentle schtick at a time.


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