Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Neofuturist bad ass mufuh.

This is all a bit surreal.
Three weeks ago I was getting a drink with a friend and she mentioned
this theatre troupe in town she thought I'd be into:
"I dunno, I think they need performers or writers or something"
"Oh! I'll write for them, I'll perform for them, either way. Sounds cool."
Went on the website the next day and was totally fascinated by this theatre methodology neo-futurism.
Slightly embarrassed I didn't know more about it but was totally into it.
Went to see the show that weekend (they had a Chicago NYC cast in town) and was totally floored. Yes. Fuck yes.
I mean its so obvious and smart.
No acting.
All straight up.
Real life stories about our lives.
Our real names.
Audience interactive.
Short form rehearsed plays.
30 of 'em in 60 minutes.
Late night.
Drinks available the whole show.
Fucking great shit.
They've been running the show 25 years in Chicago,
Ten in NYC
And it just so happens, they're into me being in the SF premiere crew.
Jesus. My god.
Sign me up.
I'm down.
I hate labels.

But for some reason, this one feels right.

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