Monday, March 24, 2014

31 Days of Rejection --Day 5

That's Vito himself!
I call up Vito's Pizza, see.
To order myself some pizza.
It's been a lawng day.
Mama's hungry for sum pizza.
"Vito's Pizza"
"I'd like to order a pizza" I say.
"Pick up or delivery?" He asks.
"Delivery!" I say.
"Okay, sure. What's your number?"
"206 910 4020"
"Whats your address?"
"1980 Fell Street"
"No, no Fell Street" I correct him.
"Zip code?" He asks.
"94117. That's uh San Francisco."
He sort of half sighs half laughs.
"Maam, we're in LA. We can't deliver to San Francisco. We don't deliver to San Francisco."
"Ah. I see." I say.
A pause.
"Don't you think you could make an exception?"
"No, no ma'am." He laughs and hangs up the phone.

Dang, they're the highest rated delivery spot, according to Yelp, in LA.

Ah the sweet taste of rejection.

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