Friday, March 21, 2014

31 Days of Rejection -Day 2

On my bike ride to and from work I was calculating things. So many ways to get rejected. It's delightful. I wanted to do something with a sandwich board outside a store. Maybe go in and ask the worker if I could draw a picture on one side of the board. I wanted to ask a woman to hold her baby at the crosswalk. The trickster in me is loving this. I wasn't quite sure what to land on until I hit the wiggle and biked past this homeless man, who I came to find out his name is Donald. He was very focused on drawing a picture in his sketch book. I yoinked my bike to a stop and stated, "I want a picture. Can you draw me a picture. I want you to draw me a picture in one minute." "Well, heck yes, I can!" he exclaimed.

Fancy that. I was sure he would stare blankly at me or tell me to fuck off. He set off to drawing as I shouted down the seconds. "59! 58!"

Quite a sight the two of us were, I'm sure. I didn't even get off my bike. I just straddled the seat and shouted down as Donald furiously drew. "43! 42, 41, 40!" He was drawing a picture of me.

"You want the helmet in the picture too?" He asked.

"Ya, sure!" I shouted. "20, 19, 18, 17."

After my final ten count down, I shouted, "Stop stop stop! Let me see!" He showed me the drawing. "It's not all the way done." He said.
"I dont care. I want it" I said.
"Really, though? Do you really want it?" He countered as he tried to navigate tearing a page from his fine pocket sketch book. I was filled with a pang of guilt that I was defacing his sketch book, so I folded.
"No, that's okay." I offered. "Even though I really do want it."
"Tell you what," he said. "I'll work on it some and next time I see you, Ill have it ready for you."
"Okay, deal. What's your name?" I asked.
"Donald." he said. "What's yours?"
"Micael." I said.
"Thanks!" And I rode off giggling in delight.

Hehehehe. Ahem.
What a rad human interaction, that resulted in me not getting the rejection I was seeking at all. I got basically what I asked for.
If I had insisted, he woulda given me that picture.
What a sweet dude.

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