Thursday, March 20, 2014

31 Days of Rejection -GO

Last night, I got blindsided with this really raw rejection. I will spare you the details but it did not feel good. I was not the one asked to the dance. I was the girl in the corner. I got the short straw. Didn't get the part. Last picked for the team. You get the picture. And I cried and screamed most of last night. And threw my fit and talked and wrote it out. I didn't get drunk over it. Which is new.

And then today I ran across this rad video about rejection.

Here it is.

And I decided. Yes. I could use some of this rejection therapy. And thus. Today begins my 31 day saga of rejection therapy.

Rejection #1: I was walking at dusk with a friend in Portero Hill and we walked past a house I've seen before and loved. The garage door was open and a man was cleaning up in there. I walked directly up to him and said, "Hi. I really like your house. Can I live here?"

He stopped and starred. He was speechless.

"Umm, no." He finally stammered. "But what an interesting question."

My friend was floored. So was I.

I intentionally sought out rejection. It felt great. It felt liberating. I can't wait to do it again tomorrow.

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