Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Time is such a bitch

Jason's 32nd birthday is coming up in two days.

I always feel compelled to write a blog post around this time. Call it ritual.
Grief can be processed through ritual. I can buy that. I'lll sign my name under that. A repetitious action to acknowledge and honor loss allows the energy that feels displaced, it allows the energy a place to land and move through.

If he were alive this week, I'd call him. I'd wish him Happy Birthday.
I'd be excited for him to help me with the documentary screenings I've got going.
He'd love that film.
He loves that film.
Verb tenses are such a bitch.
If time is a constructed notion.
He loves that film.

It's time for bed. Regardless of anybody's social construction.

More on that here.

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