Monday, February 1, 2010


So, this book is really having an effect on me.
I mean, this idea --that greasy sugary food is not the answer to fixing my moods but rather the source of my mood swings, really has some leverage.
And I'm talking from a little experience now.
Now, granted, I'll be the first "work" follower to tell you its not about what you eat but what you believe about your story.
However, can't it be both?
Cause I'm finding it is.
This weekend I didn't drink any caffeine. That was tough. I had a pretty noticeable headache on Saturday but nothing compared to my typical headaches from no caffeine.
I cooked this butternut squash sauce that was real good.
Here's the recipe:
3 T Sesame seeds, roasted over medium heat until they smell toasty
Throw 'em in the blender with a T of miso paste and a cup of butternut squash. Also a dash of cinnamon. (and a smidge of water, not too much)
The result was a very tasty sauce that I put on brown rice with some collard greens. Not the most amazing flavorful meal but a nice calm tasty filling meal.

The key here is that whenever I feel hungry or craving something, I can fulfill that craving. If I want something sweet, I can. If I want something filling, I can.
It's just a matter of staying in the middle ground of food and not flying from one side of the yin yang meter.
It's really quite a simple lesson but so fascinating.
It is important however, to have occasional treats.
I think I would whither up and die if I always ate in the middle of the yin yang.
Or atleast until I become a better self healing cook.
There is a local Japanese Market on the same block as our new condo.
Dan and I went shopping there last night. We got a handful of cool stuff like, smoked dried squid (soup tonight!)
and Umeboshi Plums.
Those look like pretty tasty little things.

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Lisa said...

I can't wait to get a sampling of your delicious healing meals!