Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An experiment in street theater for social change

This initiative is inspired by the prospect of using comedy/clowning as a tool to explore oppression and injustice. It is also inspired by the interest to bring a creative alternative to war protests in DC that are so often filled with anger.

Who: DC artists and/or activists, passionate about social change and interested in using clowning as a format to provoke meaningful physical dialogue on the street. Free and open to all regardless of past theater experience.

What: A funny yet thought-provoking devised clown piece that reflects the performers' personal experiences around relevant areas of oppression or injustice. This is the culmination of many different areas of study such as: Theater of the Oppressed, clowning, street theater, improvisation, physical comedy, buffooning, participatory theater, dialogue, cirque, and yoga.

Where: On the streets of DC at the Answer Coalition’s March to Resist the War Machine on March 19.

When: 4 hour workshop March 12 to devise the piece, 2 hour street performance March 19.

Why: A chance to create art for a good cause. A chance to be a part of something experimental and innovative.

This experiment in theater for social change is being organized by arts activist Micael Bogar who has been clowning at protests for over two years and has been studying and facilitating Theater of the Oppressed workshops in the US and the FSU since 2007. Email interest to clownforum@gmail.com.

*I blogged in detail about this last week but now I am shamelessly using my blog as a promotional platform as well.

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