Sunday, April 8, 2012

Communing with the Ghosts of Creativity

Great article in the Guardian about the neuroscience of creativity and the way Bob Dylan received insight. The theme is a similar one I wrote about in the post on Robyn. The articles speaks again to the theme of this muse/spirit. Bob Dylan called this muse/spirit a ghost. When speaking about writing music, he noted that he just need to trust the ghost.

Quote from the article:

"But then, just when Dylan was most determined to stop creating music, he was overcome with a strange feeling. "It's a hard thing to describe," Dylan would later remember. "It's just this sense that you got something to say." What he felt was the itch of an imminent insight, the tickle of lyrics that needed to be written down. "I found myself writing this song, this story, this long piece of vomit," Dylan said. "I'd never written anything like that before and it suddenly came to me that this is what I should do." Vomit is the essential word here. Dylan was describing, with characteristic vividness, the uncontrollable rush of a creative insight. "I don't know where my songs come from," Dylan said. "It's like a ghost is writing a song." This was the thrilling discovery that saved Dylan's career: he could write vivid lines filled with possibility without knowing exactly what those possibilities were. He didn't need to know. He just needed to trust the ghost."

For the past three months I've been forming a clown show with two friends and the show is really coming into its own. The less I think about it and the more I trust creativity in the moment on the stage, the stronger the show is. I will remember the words of Bob as I continue on this clown journey, and trust the ghost.

The Guardian article

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