Friday, September 28, 2012

Make a wish

Tomorrow is the first day of clown school. Been a long road to get here, to get hear. I hope to have open ears, eyes, and heart. A healthy body and a patient mind. I hope to leave my ego at the door and bring my creative spirit with me. I hope to meet good friends. I have lots of hopes.

Some ideas I hope to explore over the course of the year are: paradoxical curiosity, color, storytelling through movement. Telling stories of beauty and truth. Good music. Masks. Flips. Getting more specific with my artist perspective. Learning more tools to create more powerful theater. Connecting these tools to engage a community to tell their story and through this story telling create stronger community ties, stronger channels that sustain. Oh I hope to really explore laughter. Laugh, laugh, laugh. And more and more.

As we say in Russian School. Davai, davai, davai.

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