Thursday, December 11, 2008

what a tough place to live

i have a friend who lives in azerbaijan. she's actually the cousin of a good friend a few years younger and always seemed to be a bit too cool for azerbaijan.
today her facebook status said, "World: I hate U"
so I wrote her back and said,
"Hey girl, take a deep breath, what's up?"
and she wrote back
"hec ne olmayib.nefes ala bilmirem coz I HATE this WORLD!!!"
(nothings up, i can't breathe cause i hate this world)
and i understand.
when i lived in ganja, i found it very difficult to be happy as well. for all the women out there who have the freedom to date who they want, wear what they want and say what the want....take a moment to feel very very lucky.
any woman that continues to think for herself on a daily basis and live in ganja or any other city that is run by such patriarichal rules is, in my book, the biggest superhero i've given a shout out to.

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