Monday, April 1, 2013

Be Funny

We're one week deep in clown territory. I'm learning a lot. UGH LOT. Ahem ahew. Hooooeeee. Blach. Long days. Lots of emotions. Both laughter and weeping. Amazing territory here. Kind of too tired to digest too much. But I do want to share a film of our performance lab on Friday.

Every week we are given an assignment on Monday and tasked to perform it on Friday, working in the evenings on it. This particular assignment was to have a vaudeville act through clown-like characters. This is a great clip to showcase the spirit of Dell'Arte.

Our teacher Ronlin is super hard on us and this is very evident in the clip. But it is good stuff and I am learning so much every day. Ronlin is the man in the background that stops us in the middle of our song. Everything after he stopped us was improv. 

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