Sunday, May 5, 2013

Believe in This

Oh me oh my. 

The clown block has come to a close, I've had a week off to decompress while working a forty hour work week. And the year is nearly at an end. What a year it has been. I can't help but think reflectively and comprehensively at everything I've learned this year as our final projects now stand before us. I'm working with two extraordinary women and diving back into clown. COULDN'T be more thrilled about that. 

The exploration of clown really did draw from all three previous units. The first ten weeks were so much full of getting in touch with my body and the way it moves in space, and how it can be used as a tool to reflect the space that is the earth. It was in many ways also a process of destruction. In order to grow a garden, the ground must be tilled. I was both uprooted during those first ten weeks and replanted. 

The next block of commedia brought me face to face with my body and comedy in a very fundamental way. My face was covered with a mask and I was forced to use my body to channel and transmit a character. I tripped onto this character so adoringly called Squirm, taking advantage of my skills of funk and lack of skills in coordination. I learned a lot during this time, namely the need to remain buoyant, in the face of any form of theater. I also began to understand the way listening to the line of force offers the chance to have the story tell you --getting out of the way. This lesson was brought home in a big way during melodrama. Buoyancy and line of force have remained ever present lessons during this clown exploration and added to that have been another mountain of lessons namely it has been listening. Listening to the logic of the character and to the other characters in the piece of theater. Listening so deeply and holding myself so accountable for this listening that it allows the character to pay attention to the consequences. These three lessons of buoyancy  line of force, and listening rise to the surface as central to my studies here at Dell'Arte. 

As I move forward into my final project I feel my last frontier is to explore THE VOLUME OF TIME AND SPACE....both within and outside of my body. It is a note I continue to receive and one that continues to elude me. 

Off we go. 

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