Wednesday, March 26, 2014

31 Days of Rejection --Day 7

I was jogging in Golden Gate Park this evening and I approached a woman.
I started walking right beside her and began, "I'm doing this thing, 31 days of rejection, it's called. Its this thing." I looked over at her and smiled.
"Oh ya?" She smiled back. "Sounds interesting."
"Ya, well see the idea is that you come up with some interesting way to get rejected for thirty one days straight see. And well. I'm wondering if you would do it with me. Would you do the 31 days of rejection, starting today?"
"Hmmm." She thought. She chuckled. She decided, "no". You could see it in her eyes.
"Well, that sounds far too much like my real life, I'm afraid." She finally said.
"Okay, I see. That's cool! No worries. You actually just filled my rejection quota for the day. So thank you!" I started to jog off.
She was smiling.
"You should try it sometime though." I said as I was running away.
"It's good stuff."

I would add that I also ended up jogging along this amazing path full of flowers.
And felt really complete and happy and not chasing after anything. Just happy.
This was right before the rejection.
And I don't know that they are correlated at all.
But it was pretty special.

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